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A few housekeeping items

February 9, 2011

Updated Bolgroll

I’m finally getting around to doing a little housekeeping on the site. I’ve added a few new blogs to my blogroll. These are blogs that I consult every couple of days for ideas and I must say these guys do a great job of sharing their hard work with us all. A round of applause should go to them. Other blogs have been removed; Oozing Alpha has become a subscription only site and Greenbackd has gone into hibernation. You can’t really blame Greenbackd for their changes; the net/net stocks they were reporting on have become ever more scarce. Greenbackd showed up at the right moment and is perhaps exiting at the right moment as well.


The other day when I was looking on another site for a specific post that I only vaguely remembered and was having a really hard time finding, I realized that the same could happen on my blog because the index was by month and subject not by company name. So I have rearranged the index on my site to include company names for easier reference. Hope that makes things easier 

Frequency and length of my own blogs

OK. OK. I know my blogs are both too infrequent and too long. I’m going to try and discipline myself to blog weekly, cut down on the verbosity and increase the analysis. Well, that’s my New Year’s resolution anyway but….

Portfolio performance

No, I’m not going to add any portfolio performance statistics. The stocks I write about here are only part of my overall portfolio and I don’t really want to work on the performance measures of a subset of my portfolio; I spend enough time on the performance measurements of my entire portfolio. The purpose of the blog is for me to lay out the reasoning behind the investments in this segment of my portfolio, no more, no less.

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