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Ticker Purchase Date* Average Cost Target Sales Price Sales Date Average Sales Price Return 
Active Positions
1 AMCX 1/4/18 $52.12 $60
2 CHTR 4/27/18 $252 $550
3 CPLG 4/1/19 $11.39 $18
4 ETM 4/3/18 $9.38 $10
5 FCAU 4/3/18 $15.23 $25
9 GLAED 8/8/17 $630 $500
10 LNG 10/6/16 $50.00 $80
11 MSG 2/1/19 $276 $350
12 NC 9/11/18 $33.74 $65
15 RFP 4/1/19 $7.95 $15
Closed Positions
> ADNT 4/2/19 $14.07 $45 5/3/19 $24.80
 > AVNW 12/15/14 $16.18 $45 5/10/17 $23.90
> ATUSF 6/6/17 $10.44 $25 11/5/18 $10.50
> AWLCF 5/7/17 $3.63 $15 3/2/18  $4.17
> BAC.WS.A 5/17/12 $3.21 $20 12/23/16  $10.44
> BBX 1/2/18 $8.06 $14 10/25/18 $5.90
> BBX 2/6/15 $3.04 $9 7/25/17 $6.40
6 FTPLF 2/17/14 $3.62 $2
7 FUR** 11/19/14 $.16 $.40 1/9/20 $.32
> GLIB 4/27/18 $45.31 $85 6/7/19 $60.75
> GME 8/21/19 $4.14 $7.50 12/6/19 $6.47
> GYRO 5/27/15 $26.90 $30 12/22/17 $21.18
> NC/HBB 9/11/17 $71.50 $100 10/24/17  $120.66
> NG 9/23/13 $3.48 $10 7/18/19 $6.47
> NFLX# 1/19/17 $138.41 $90  10/13/18  $199.54
> NMM 4/4/18 $1.70 $5 1/10/19 $1.19
> NYRT@ 11/3/17 $23.75 $30 7/31/18 $18.37
> RAD 11/3/17 $34 $20 12/20/19 $14.85
> RAFI 2/6/17 $8.92 $16 9/4/18 $8.00
> SMHI 1/2/18 $12.10 $30
> SPRT 12/19/16 $2.03 $5.25 11/14/17 $2.40
> SPLP.PRT 10/27/17 $20.12 $25  2/8/18  $21.15
> TPCA 3/19/17 $31.00 $46.00 8/19/17 $45.00

* last date shares were purchased. There may have been one or more purchases prior to this date.
@ adjusted for liquidation distributions and reverse stock split
** Adjusted for liquidating dividends

# Short sale

Note: I revise this portfolio only for those positions for which I have already posted reviews or updates. This is neither a recommedation to buy nor sell any of the above-listed securities.

  1. Matthew permalink

    I like your blog and the way tioy think about investing. Looking forward to more.

  2. Brian permalink

    I had a question about the pending PRXI auction, does the sale mean that the company gives up all rights to the sold IP, or will there still be an opportunity to generate income from the data collected.

    I was also unclear if stewardship of the actual wreck site was to be auctioned off, or if PRXI retained any rights to future salvage items collected

    • Sorry for the delay in responding, Brian. I think this should have been under the PRXI thread.

      I believe the IP rights to the Titanic are part of the package to be auctioned. I don’t know about the stewardship to the wreck site or future salvage rights…. but we should find out next week, or perhaps the week after.

  3. Imran permalink

    Hi Jay: I enjoy your blog. Am on a similar journey in life like you, though not out of Gotham just yet. My goal is to compound my savings over time through value investing and have quite similar holdings ie fairfax, brk as core and then actively investing in the smaller space. We have a number of holdings in common like MIL, KHDHF, HHC. I look forward to your posts and hopefully contribute to the discussion.

  4. Regarding AABVF, If the merge between them and Dacha doesn’t happen and is not approved by Aberdeen shareholders I will buy shares of the company. But at this point, I believe that this deal is not good for Aberdeen but for Dacha. I have concerns that the management of Aberdeen is not doing the right steps for the bright future of the company and its shareholders. Buying rare materials at a very low discount doesn’t sound like a great future for Aberdeen. I view the deal as an exchange of “cash-liquidity” from Aberdeen for “diversification of assets”. The thing is that as a shareholder, I prefer either to get some of the cash distributed back to me, may be via a special dividend or share-buybacks, or I prefer the cash to be spent on projects that might multiply in value. Once the deal is done, the cash will be used by Dacha with the combined management and then the future will be unknown. I don’t see how the management of Aberdeen plans to unlock value and let shareholders benefit of it. I would appreciate to hear what is your view on this? I heard also that Dacha has problems selling some of its inventory of rare metals in China. How do you feel about the deal overall?

  5. Sid permalink

    Very impressive portfolio! Might I suggest you post your annualized IRR?


  6. warren's Alter Ego permalink

    Came across your blog today and really enjoyed it. Blown away by how many picks we have/had in common.

    AIG HIG KHD, NovaGold, Fortress,

    Here are few I hold: IRE, NXY (takeover arb), MBIA (litigation vs BAC) KGI.CA GFA Y.CA (restructuring)

  7. Waren’s Alter Ego,
    Thanks fo stopping by. Look forward to any thoughts you may have on any of the holdings, especially KHD which I’m a bit up in the air about.

  8. CSP permalink

    Really good blog. Just discovered this looking for tips for my own version!

  9. Just curious, given the price of RSH today, are you considering adding more?

  10. Seems like we are on a similar journey. I’m based over the other side of the world but value investing and trying to document my thoughts along the way (just starting out). Check it out if you have a minute:

  11. Gérard Fouss permalink

    Hello, I see in the portfolio that you bought some ETM on 4/3/18, but I can’t find any review/explanation about the reason(s) why you bought that share. Thanks!

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